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Randy Labbe built his career generating audiences for niche markets and crafting strategic growth initiatives for leading international brands. His more than 30 years of experience within a business development framework extends from small to medium sized businesses and start-ups to academic settings, and the hyper-competitive music industry. A co-founding partner of Emergent Discovery, LLC and the People's World Peace Project, Labbe excels at leading teams to design and implement superior business development strategies. For three decades, he has been grafting his techniques to a large array of projects across multiple industries. Recent successes have been in business planning and strategy, market research projects, and finance, including the procurement and administration of funding for technology, manufacturing, and agricultural initiatives. A graduate of Clark University, he brings to projects a large network of business relationships.


Ray Bernier graduated from Thomas College with a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) in 2013. He has served as lead consultant for a start-up agricultural manufacturer and, before then, worked in operations for Fabian Oil. His recent work for Atlantic includes operations and sales management consulting, data analysis, business plan and proposal writing, project management, and grant administration. Bernier has extensive experience managing government grants and contracts from the local, state, and federal level, including management and supervision of all grants and contracts for the State of Maine Department of Corrections.


June L’Heureux manages the detailed components of Atlantic projects, ensuring deliverables are completed on-time, within budget, and to client specifications. Prior to her employment with Atlantic, L’Heureux served for 13 years as office manager for the City of Waterville’s “Main Street” office and, prior to that, served as the development coordinator for Mount Merci Academy. She is a graduate of Thomas College.


Dawn Palardy attended the University of Southern Maine, and has been designing leading websites and related content since 2000. Her credits include many captivating websites, marketing, and graphic design projects. Palardy also taught computer software courses as Adjunct Faculty for Continuing Education & Business Services at York County Technical College for several years.


Julia Clapp brings skills to Atlantic projects that have been developed through extensive educational and work experiences. With a bachelor's degree from Unity College with a concentration in writing for media, Clapp researches compelling content and writes about it for client reports, website, blog, and social media applications.


Rod Williams has had a formal relationship with Atlantic for over five years and was the creative mind behind the original branding and packaging design for Tom's of Maine, one of Maine’s most successful, high profile brands, from inception through its sale to Proctor & Gamble. Williams ran one of the top-twenty design firms in the U.S., A.R. Williams & Associates, for nearly forty years and has also been brand manager for Kate’s Butter, Shaw’s Dairy Farm, Ken’s Steakhouse Dressings, and VitaminSea Seaweed. With an ability to marry traditional design motifs to contemporary attitudes and sensibilities, Williams is arguably one of the most qualified food and agriculture branding experts in the U.S..

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